A Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend and overall Storyteller
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Plenty of thrillers attempt to create spunky female protagonists; but AESOP excels in its gritty, first-person observational style. It will especially delight thriller audiences who like their action nonstop and their characters not just intelligent, but self-determined, driven, and sometimes edgy in their relationships with loved ones, superiors, peers, and the world.


AESOP is highly recommended and is head and shoulders above most thrillers featuring female operatives facing high-level threats and physical and mental challenges.

- D Donovan, Senior Reviewer MBR

Packard has created a kickass heroine that possesses beauty, brains, cunning, guts and brawn.

...Matti Baker is deeply involved in the most intriguing and dangerous missions. AESOP contains a perfect balance of action with the right amount of human context woven in. I found Matti Baker a very relatable, wonderfully str