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"Plenty of thrillers attempt to create spunky female protagonists; but AESOP excels in its gritty, first-person observational style. It will especially delight thriller audiences who like their action nonstop and their characters not just intelligent, but self-determined, driven, and sometimes edgy in their relationships with loved ones, superiors, peers, and the world.


AESOP is highly recommended and is head and shoulders above most thrillers featuring female operatives facing high-level threats and physical and mental challenges."

- D Donova, Senior Reviewer MBR

Packard has created a kickass heroine that possesses beauty, brains, cunning, guts and brawn.

...Matti Baker is deeply involved in the most intriguing and dangerous missions. AESOP contains a perfect balance of action with the right amount of human context woven in. I found Matti Baker a very relatable, wonderfully strong and resourceful female character. Let’s hope that Michele Packard keeps Matti alive to help keep America safe.

 - Texas Authors 

Laughed out Loud!

I laughed so many times I lost count while reading this humorous, yet edgy thriller.  The song and movie references were perfect, the characters relatable, and the story exciting.  Cant wait to see what comes next

- Friend of the author

(who wasn't paid and may get bit

part in book three)

She is the female version of Mitch Rapp

I hope this is a series!

Entertaining, fun and thrilling!

Fun, fun fast read

Things I'd like to say!

LOVED IT!  A page turner.

Great Book

Waiting for more...



Fast paced and intense

You won't want to put this down

Great for a book club

This book kicks butt...literally! 

- Praise from readers

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...In Teller, the author gives us the best that Mattie has to offer in this action packed, non-stop whirlwind of intrigue and suspense. The drama, use of sharp witted humor and loads have suspense are all design to keep the reader invested in the story and keep turning pages and Ms Packard does it beautifully.
    One of the things I love most about Ian Fleming's James Bond movie is the scenery and like a Bond movie Mattie takes us around the world to exotic places we will never see. Ms Packard's skill at describing these places and making them real for her readers is second to none in her profession (nothing personal Mr Fleming). 
    Mattie's penchant for using pop culture references not only makes her much more relatable, but it also adds a strong sense of familiarity to her story as well as having the added effect of making the reader a part of the story. Throw in the author's knowledge of current events and her skill of weaving those events into her stories makes for reading that feels like the just recently here and now.
    One of the best character development series I have seen are the "Lethal Weapon" movies and Ms Packard does not fall short of that mark. Her characters are alive with feelings, attitude and wit making the reading all the more enjoyable. Mattie's depth of character reaches out and draws us in, it makes us want to be a part of Mattie's adventure and her friend. Which is by now the third story where I am, liking Mattie and wanting to get to know her even more.
    I can in all honesty say that this is the best series of books I have read since I read "Curse of the Clansmen and King" by Linnea Tanner.
    Everything about this series starting with Aesop and ending with Teller sets (for me at least) a whole new level in reading that is fast paced, thrilling and enjoyable. I can go on and on about this series and this story, but the best thing I can do is recommend that you read it for yourself, it will not disappoint.
    The ending brings Mattie's world full circle and is wonderful on so many levels.As to whether this is Mattie's last story or not I feel is not my place to say, but Ms Packard did autograph my book with the words "Is it the end or the Beginning". 
Apart from the story itself be sure to read her "Note from the Author" where Michele shows her that her sense of humor is not just confined to her story. She also includes (at the end of the book) a section where she outlines all the movies and songs that inspires the peripheral settings in the story.
    This series belongs on the shelf of anyone who is a fan of good, fun action reading. This is one that I personally will be going back to over and over again...

- Richard

"What’s not to love about a strong female protagonist who has the ability to admire the decor of a room during a gun battle?  Matti's wicked sense of humor and impeccable taste add much to this suspenseful and exhilarating novel."

- Tresa

"Unlike most stories involving female operatives, there is no sense of victim or subservience in Matti's world. She's at the top of her game and controls chaos itself, outsmarting the cleverest of adversaries and the political forces behind them. These elements place Matti's adventures above and beyond most thrillers featuring female protagonists."

- Diane

“Matti Baker is a bad ass!! She and the other characters come to life on every page.  The use of current events, government agencies, and artificial intelligence makes the book read more like non-fiction.  Could this be real?”

 - Lisa

Action-packed and fast paced

Good Read

Keeping America Safe

A fine time looking for a wine time!

Fasten Your seatbelts!

Another riveting read!

A real page tuner


Wow! I want MMORE!

From coffee to can't put it down.

- Praise from more readers


About The Author

How it all started

I’m (ahem) over 50.  I left a high paying executive job to

raise three kids.  No regrets on that.  

I haven’t really worked in years.

I realized I was likely out of touch in the business world.

 I wanted to do something NEW.


My twins just left for college and I had more time on my hands,

and my wonderful husband encouraged me to go do what I enjoy.  

So, I sat down on the computer and wrote a story based off daily

events I heard or saw on the radio or TV.  Each day, I had to

incorporate whatever new piece of information I heard.

It was a puzzle that I had to put together not knowing what the

next piece or ending was going to be.  It was fun! 

I self published and started looking around for the next thing.

I went in my attic and started polishing off previous writings and

now exploring how to bring these to life for others to enjoy.  


I'm learning as I go.

( use a good editor, don't skimp on graphics,

ask for advice, yada, yada...)


It's all new, but it's all good.


I wish I could say I'm a great writer, but really, I'm a storyteller that has started using writing as a medium to connect with others to share and laugh in life's experiences.

...And I have A LOT of experiences!

An Impassioned Storyteller


Pretty simple:  




My 2 Labs

People who have a great sense of humor

A good bottle of wine




So, the first series I published had all of these things!


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