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Counterterrorism operative Matti Baker is in a deadly game of cat and mouse with internal government agencies and copious countries attempting to modify natural selection to create a New World Order. Traveling between Italy, Russia, China, Afghanistan, and the United States, Baker must do whatever it takes to stop the conspiracy, not knowing that she is the genesis of it all. Baker is more exposed and vulnerable than ever before, but is also more determined.


TELLER brings to conclusion the award-winning AESOP series with raw emotion and relentless action you will devour in one sitting. Inspired and interwoven with historical events and conspiracies, it will leave the reader wondering: could this be fact versus fiction?



As in the previous Matti books, Michele Packard excels in crafting a feisty female protagonist who is assertive, proactive, creative, defiant, and bent on revenge and retribution...Unlike most stories involving female operatives, there is no sense of victim or subservience in Matti's world. She's at the top of her game and controls chaos itself, outsmarting the cleverest of adversaries and the political forces behind them.


These elements place Matti's adventures above and beyond most thrillers featuring female protagonists.”

– D. Donovan, author/editor Donovan Literary Services


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